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Unreliable energy level? Spending days in bed after exertion? Sleep unrefreshing?

You may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME).

You may even be diagnosed already. So where do you go from there?


Often, doctors are at a loss to explain the cause of your condition. Your blood tests come back normal. Your EKG is fine. MRI looks perfect. But you know that something fundamentally isn't right.

You know that you're unwell, but doctors say it's all in your head. Or worse, they prescribe something.

A pill will only mask the symptoms.


Let's Rebuild

It's time for something radically different from the solutions you're being offered. It's time for a complete overhaul of your body's energy metabolism.

It's time to switch fuel.

You may have heard of people using keto to lose weight. Keto is fantastic for that and can produce dramatic benefits for overweight individuals. But keto also taps into a source of boundless energy and rejuvenation. A source you possibly haven't touched for years or perhaps your whole life.

Imagine having a steady stream of energy that lasted hours after eating. How different would your day be? What chance would fatigue have against unlimited energy?

Now you can tap into that source and start running on the clean, healthy energy that your body prefers. It's available in the "10-Week Refuel" -- a program designed to help you begin keto properly, avoid costly adaptation pitfalls, and stay safe with proper nutrition.

Hire a certified, one-on-one keto coach. Start here to check your eligibility.

The 10-Week Refuel



I provide you with everything you need to begin keto. You will understand why it works, what to eat and not to eat, meal examples, information on insulin, cholesterol, and much more.


Personal, 1-on-1 help

You'll work with someone who has overcome his own extreme chronic fatigue, who knows the ins and outs of keto adaptation and can show you the way out. You don't have to do this alone!



When you join my program, you are making a commitment to yourself. This is a huge first step! I match that commitment by keeping you accountable and motivated, and staying with your struggle throughout your journey.

10-Week Refuel -- The Plan

When you work with me, you get a comprehensive, 10-week plan for restoring your energy.

This program is based on years of research during my own recovery from CFS/ME. The keto diet is the foundation and absolutely essential for recovery. We'll focus on this from the very beginning.

The program also includes help on:

  • * Sleep *
  • * Supplements *
  • * Pacing *
  • * Detox *
  • * Meditation *
  • * Communicating your needs *

This is all broken down into 9 simple modules that we'll go through together, at your pace.


Are you ready?

To see if the 10-Week Refuel is the right fit for you:

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